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No more headaches! VGA Communication to the rescue

Site Survey

We start with a walkthrough to see where your project will take place. It helps us determine the equipment you’ll need, assess installation requirements, and prepare a custom plan. Walkthroughs aren’t always necessary for smaller projects.


Our sales representatives identify your needs to deliver the best audiovisual and multimedia equipment. They’re here to help you find the right products for your requirements at the right price.


Plans and Design

Most audiovisual projects have multiple moving parts. To make sure your system works properly, our lead integrators draw up custom plans. We carefully analyze and sketch out your vision before making it a reality.


When building automation into a project, all system components have to be programmed to communicate with one another. Which device does what? When? In response to which command? Programming gets your project off the ground.


Project Management

Our pros guide your project from start to finish to ensure success.


Not everyone is a programmer, electronics technician, or audiovisual specialist. That’s why we always provide your operators with clear instructions on how to use your system optimally.

After-Sale Service

We know it takes time to build trusting relationships with customers. That’s why we make it a priority to remain attentive to customers and their comments before and after purchase. Our customer-first approach has been our key to customer loyalty for over 20 years. We’re always here to help.