Here are some of our core areas of expertise where we can help you find equipment that matches your needs and budget:


Group video calls require computers, cameras, and sound systems.

Video Walls

Video walls are composed of multiple ultra-thin screens tiled together to form one large display. They are carefully arranged side by side to project a single fluid image.

Everything audio

It might not be as flashy as the other components in your multimedia setup, but audio is at least as important as video. From conference rooms and classrooms to mall intercoms, audio is everywhere! The possibilities are just about endless.


Whether it’s for classroom lecture notes or an image that spans an entire downtown building, projection is a science that requires calculation, finesse, and accuracy. Ambient light intensity, projection distance, and the size, shape, and reflectivity of the projection surface must be measured to choose the right device, install it properly, and fine-tune the settings.


Automation can combine multiple manual operations into a single button to press. For example, you could turn on your TV and projector and close the blinds with one finger.

Public Address (PA) / Intercom Systems

You’ve probably been at a store and heard a voice over the intercom say “A customer service representative is requested at the front counter.” That’s just one example of the many uses of intercoms.